Monday, April 9, 2007

Bon Jovi

"Sometimes You Have To Close Your Eyes To See."

-Bon Jovi

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Chapter 3 The escape Ben walked out, leaving some water and some bread beside my bed. I closed my eyes for a moment. I heard some one knocking on the door. I said “come in.” Jesse came in carrying a tray with milk and eggs. He said “hello.” A tear rolled down my cheek. I said “Jesse?” he said “Taylor, eat this it will make you feel better. I’ll be right back, I’ve got you something.” He limped out of the room. I didn’t have any clothes on, I was still naked under the blanket. I looked at the eggs and I think they were unfertilized buggle eggs. I took a tiny bite out of one of them then guzzled down the rest. They were delicious. I drank all the milk. I felt so much better after I ate something. I could move again. I was still hungry so I ate the dry bread and drank the warm water that was beside my bed. Jesse walked back in holding the most beautiful dress I had ever seen in my life. It was red with lace and silk at the bottom and puffy sleeves. It was like a dress you would ware to a ball. He handed it to me and said “I guessed on the size” I said “it’s beautiful!” Jesse said “I you can stand up you can go into the dressing room behind you.” I said “turn around.” I stood up as best as I could and walked to the dressing room behind me. The dress fit perfectly. I couldn’t tie the back because my arms couldn’t reach. I walked out of the dressing room and said “could you maybe tie the back?” Jesse turned around and said “it will be my pleasure.” He saw the scratches on my back and put his hands on them. They healed up. I said “Jesse what’s wrong?” he said “I’m having trouble tying this that’s all. When really it took some of his energy. He finished tying it and for the first time in my life so far felt beautiful. I said “thank you, I love it.” While giving him a hug. I asked “Jesse, did they tie you to a pole and burn your arms and bite your feet?” “how did you know that?” he asked “I, dreamed it.” I answered. “oh no, you are the chosen one.” He said “chosen one? What are you talking about?” I asked. He said “you’re the one Sl


Chapter 2 The drogs It looked at me with its bright green eyes, and then it started yelling out strange words, which didn’t seem to be words at all. I could see shadows getting closer. Jesse said “hold on to me!” I did just that and we blended in with the sticks, in fact I think we were sticks, because I couldn’t talk but I could still see. One of the drogs started grabbing sticks off the bushes. He grabbed me. I wanted to scream Jesse! But I was a stick so I couldn’t have screamed Jesse. Oh I hope Jesse got away, I also kind of hope they got Jesse too cause I really want him to be with me rather then be by myself. It took a day and a half to get to there camp. I was in a bucket the whole time so it seemed like forever. The good thing about being a stick is you don’t get hungry. They were talking in a different language the whole time, so to me it was all giber jabber the whole way there. When we got there they threw all the sticks into a building with all kinds of other sticks there were about fifty thousand other sticks. I was slowly transforming back into a girl. I hid under a pile of sticks, because I was a girl now and the drogs kept coming in and getting more sticks so I would kind of stand out a little. I broke a whole in the wall and crawled out and was trapped in a net. A smaller drog said “what are you and what is on your nose?” I put my hand on my nose, and it was a stick “I’m a……a human being.” “A human being what?” it asked me. “I’m just a human.” I answered. “What’s a human?” it asked me “I’m a human” I answered getting annoyed. “No you aren’t! Humans don’t have noses like that.” it replied “well I’m a different kind of human. Now can I go?” I asked. “What ever. MOM!” It yelled. I whispered “No no no no no no no. we’ve got to be quiet, lets play a game, the one that can be the quietest and fall asleep first wins.” “Yeah! Let’s do that! I can make myself fall asleep!” it hooted. “Yeah you do just that and you’ll win, I’ll try my hardest to beat you. 1...2...3 go! The little drog fell asleep almost instantly. I climbed of the gigantic net and fell on my head. I ran away from that horrid place with out even turning back once. I didn’t even get to see what it looked like before they threw me in to the building. But I really, truly and honestly I didn’t want to see it. I ran till I couldn’t move any more. My legs were killing me and I give any thing for something to drink and something to eat. I sat down under a willow tree, which was surrounded by at least twenty hawthorn trees. I sat there for a few moments when the willow tree opened up into a room. It didn’t surprise me much because I’ve realized anything is possible in this place. I went in and I was floating, sort of like I was under water only this time I could breathe. It was cold, and seemed to give me back some of my energy. I walked and walked for and an extremely long time. Then I came out in the same spot the same hawthorn trees, same willow, same everything. I reached into my pocket because it seemed to be heavier than it was when I first entered the willow tree, and I found a solid gold key with engraved markings, and diamonds welded into it. My eyes widened with amazement. The only word I could get myself to say was “wow, I guess anything is possible.” The willow tree leaned over me and whispered “run” I jump in astonishment that the tree just talked. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. The hawthorn trees started pulling needles off there branches and throwing them at me, two of them went into my left ankle five into my right leg, ten in my back. I was getting slower and slower, because my body was getting torn to pieces by hawthorn needles. I fell over and landed on my back. The needles sunk in deep beneath my skin. I hollered ohwwwwwwwwwww! The trees started moving closer to me I started trying to crawl away, but the pain was unreal. I saw a young man come running out of the forest with a bow and arrow. He started shooting the trees back with his arrows. They started throwing needles again. Three hit me in the chest I screamed only this time I screamed “Jesse!” the young boy looked at me and turned his head while blocking the needles with his knifes. He came over to me and picked me up and we ran into the woods. I woke up in the back of a wagon about an hour later. I could hardly move. I had needles all over my body. I reached up to see if my nose was still a stick, it had gone back to normal. I saw the young man in the front of the wagon driving. I asked “who are you?” he said “my name is Ben, and you are Taylor, am I correct?” “Yes, do you know jessssss, I mean do you know a young boy about my age? Or, did you see a young boy?” “Only one, his name is Jesse, is that who you are looking for?” he answered. “Yes is he alright?” He can’t stand up very good. He tried to fight the drogs and they tore him to pieces. Not literally, but, I don’t want you to freak out when you see him. I mean, it’s not that bad if you think about it, because he just looks bad on the outside. I was staring at him, he looked so familiar. I asked, “Ben, where are we going?” “We’re going to Fronkoso.” He replied. “Fronkoso?” I asked “yes, it’s my village, they will make you better. Jesse will be a little bit better, I think.” These to creatures came running up beside our wagon. They had big eyes, long legs and little arms. One second there was nobody on them, and the next knights appeared on them. Ben said, “Meet me at fronkoso.” They disappeared again. Ben said, “Taylor, those are some of my knights, and their buggles.” I said “what are buggles?” “They are what my knights were riding.” He answered. I said “Ben I can’t breathe.” Ben said “hold on tight!” he whistled very loud, and I saw a dragon fly down. It grabbed the wagon in its mouth. He climbed out of the driver’s seat and ran over to me. He pulled the hair out of my face and screamed “starbeam go faster!” he grabbed a blanket out of the bottom of the wagon and put it over me from my chest down. He pulled my cloths of while the blanket was still on top of me. He pulled the needles out of my chest, arms, shoulders, legs, my stomach and my back. I gasped for air and screamed out like I had never had it before. He tore my shirt into little pieces and set them a slide. He put his hand on my head and said “I was gonna wait to do this until we got to fronkoso, but if I don’t do it now you won’t be here much longer. You’ve got poison and it’s to close to your heart. You need to be strong. He pulled out a knife and a bottle of something from the bottom of the wagon. He pored the liquid that was in the bottle onto my cuts. My skin bubbled and it burned like crap. While it was bubbling he stick the knife into where the needles had just been to get out any little pieces of needle that might still is in there. He pored the stuff on them one more time when they were more opened. Green oos came poring out. He placed the pieces of my shirt onto them and said “don’t move” my skin burned so bad I don’t think I would be able to move even if I wanted to. “It will be best if you try to get some sleep. We won’t be there till morning.” I could hardly breathe, and I feel very weird laying there naked under the blanket. I had never slept naked before. He said “Taylor, try to sleep, nothing can hurt you while you’re with me and starbeam. Don’t worry about anything.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep seconds afterwards. I dreamed about Jesse and his fight with the drogs. They tied him to a pole and scratched his face. They bit his feet, and set fire to his arms. They pulled out a knife and screamed “cut off his hands!” Jesse screamed “do you honestly think that I will tell you where she is if you torture me? I’ll never tell you, ever!” the head drog walked over to him and spit on his face. He said “I am bombgo, the leader of all the drogs. Why do you let yourself get tortured over some silly little girl? Oh, I see by the look on your face. You’re in love with a puny human, aren’t you?” he stuck his fingernail into Jesse’s chest and drug them down to the bottom of his stomach. He turned to the other drogs and said, “Every 30 minutes he doesn’t tell you something about the girl cut off one of his fingers.” He turned back around and gave Jesse an evil smirk, then walked off. The other drogs were eating buggle legs and gnawing on other on bones of other animals. 30 minutes had passed in my dreams. Jesse still hadn’t said anything. Jesse turned into a huge blue monster and broke all the chains. He flew away from them and dropped out of the sky about a mile away from the camp. He was so weak yet he kept moving. The grass got sharp and stuck into his feet to where he couldn’t move. I woke up suddenly. Ben said “finally your awake.” I woke up in a bed with a blanket. I tried to move but my body wouldn’t allow me to. Ben said “don’t move, you need to lie still so the rest of the poison can come out.” I said, “I know what happened to Jesse! They tied him to a pole and tried to kill him and,” “Taylor, Jesse said all that happened was he got scratched up from fighting, and he does that a lot, especially when he knows something they are doing is wrong, he won’t let them get away with it. He brought this to him self.” Ben said “but I had a dream of what happened.” I replied. Just then a knight walked in and said “your highness, you have to come down stairs and help your father plan for the war.” “What war?” I asked “why, the war against the drogs.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


During Saint Patrick's Day, my brother, my sister, and I all tried to catch a leprechuan. We didn't catch one this year, but maybe next year. I dug a whole in the ground and put a beer bottle filled with water down in it with a trap door. My dad told me that I needed to be prepared to have my hair tied in knots because the leprecuan will be mad that he was tricked into thinking there was real beer- when it was really water. My sister was sad that we didn't catch one; we didn't tell her that they weren't really real.


What’s going on?

Hi my name is Taylor. I’m not a girly girl, I’m not rich, and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I live in a little cabin up in the mountains, but right now I’m at my Aunt Beth’s house. She’s not the nicest person you’ll ever meet. In fact she’s actually extremely scary. I was sitting down at the dinner table with my two sisters, Kayli and Sara, and my brother, David. Sara is twelve, Kayli is ten, and David is six. Aunt Beth suddenly said “don’t ya’ll be going in them woods you hear? Them monsters will eat you.” “I don’t recall there being any monsters in the woods Aunt Beth” momma said. She was scared Aunt Beth was scaring David. My aunt didn’t say any thing else except, “go in there and you dead.” I looked at her as if she was crazy. I think she might be crazy. She’s got black thin hair a big nose, and a hunched over back. She looks like a witch, and trust me she acts like she’s one quite often. Since we’re going to be at my Aunt Beth’s house for about four more months I made my own room in the loft of the barn. I sleep with my special blanket. It was my dad’s. He’s at war right now risking his life for all of us. I slept on the hay with my father’s warm wool blanket. My aunt’s black cat slept in the loft of the barn too. His name was crow and he was a lot prettier than my aunt. I love the sound the birds and crickets make, that’s one of the reasons why I sleep in the loft rather than the house. The second reason is I sleep In the loft is so I don’t have to be in the same room as my aunt. Its not like my mom would cares if I sleep in the barn, she only pays attention to Sara, Kayli, and especially David. So I sleep where ever I want to, cause I’m considered a nuisance. I woke up the next morning and walked in the kitchen to find something to eat. It was 11:42am and no one was awake. I went to Kayli and Sara’s room, and they weren’t in there, I went into David’s room and he was sound asleep. My mom’s room door was locked so I couldn’t get it open, I banged on it for about a minute and no one opened it. My aunt walked out and said “Taylor, keep down, I suppose you’ve figured out that Sara and Kayli are missing, they’ve been missing since 2:00am this morning.” “Why won’t my mom’s door open? Where are Kayli and Sara?” I yelled. She said “you’ll have to figure it out by your self, you’re suppose to be the strongest in the family since your dad isn’t here, you find them.” That’s exactly what I did. I went to the loft and got my pocket knife, a nutty bar, a flash light and some rope. I climbed down the latter from the loft and walked into the back yard when I heard foot steps behind me. I turned around and David was standing there in his black boots and a bathrobe. He said in a low voice “I’m going with you” I just kept walking and he just kept following. By the time we reached the woods David started singing really annoying songs such as “old McDonald” and “Mary had a little lamb” constantly. Finally I turned around and said “David if you don’t be quiet I’m taking you home!” he just got louder, until we were heard a growl, then he started to whistle. We heard a loud scream and I heard some one call me name. I looked over where the sound was coming from and Sara was sinking into a puddle. I ran over to grab her, when I heard David scream “Taylor!” I looked behind me and David was gone. I turned back around and Sara was gone too. Before I knew it I was sinking into the ground beside where Sara had just gone under. It in fact it wasn’t a puddle at all it was a whole of nothing. I screamed “HELP!” I heard a trumpet sound, then I saw a large snake, on a branch, transform into a boy. He said “grab hold of my hand! My brother is not going to get you or anybody else today or any other day as long as I have any thing to say about it!” I grabbed on for dear life! My legs got weaker and went numb. He said “hold on just a little bit longer Taylor” There were so many things going through my mind, how does he know my name and is his brother a puddle? I didn’t want to ask any thing at the moment, so I just hung on. “If you struggle you’ll get weaker and you will be easier for him to get.” The boy said kindly. “Ok” I replied. “He won’t be able to breathe after a few more minutes. Don’t let go of me!” he yelled with out breathe. The ground closed up around me. “Great now I’m stuck in the ground!” I said kind of worried, confused, and angry. “The only thing I can think of right now is this.” He said worriedly. He turned into me, sunk into the ground beside me and jumped out of it. Suddenly I did the same thing he did and I was out of the ground. “WOW! You are amazing!” I announced. “Well we’ve got to get moving.” He said. “Woo” he yelped. He was sinking into one of those puddles in a different spot then I did. I ran over and grabbed his hand. He screamed “let me go or you will die too!” “What are you talking about?” I asked. “My name is Jesse, and if I fall under here my brother Slater will kill me.” He said getting weaker. “If you touch me my brother will find you and kill you if you get sucked down here with me. Don’t you understand Taylor?” “I don’t care! You saved me, now I’m going to at least try to save you.” I yelled. Just then we were both pulled under the ground, into what seemed a whole other world! I grabbed hold of Jesse. He said “You are foolish, Taylor. If we are found, we shall both be put to death. I didn’t want this to happen to you too.” “GET DOWN! Dragons!” he screamed while pushing me into bushes. He said “don’t move a muscle, ok? Start crawling that way.” As soon as I turned around I saw it, a drog.